Piggy-backing off our well-timed blog from November, Secondary Suites – What You Need To Know, the Calgary city council has voted on a new motion in allowing secondary suites city-wide.

Earlier this month, the majority of city of Calgary councillors, 10 to 5, voted to allow suites in all areas of Calgary. For home-owners, this means that if you apply for a secondary suite in your home you will no longer have to please your case directly to councillors and the mayor. Instead you will fill out a form that will be processed by the city of Calgary planning department. However, what will remain the same is that neighbours can still appeal a development permit once it’s given. This vote means that a new bylaw will have to be drawn up, and it is likely it will be debated by city council in March.

A reminder that there are specific building and fire code requirements for secondary suites in Calgary. These codes include, but are not limited too, separate heating and ventilation systems, smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors must be present, each unit should have at least one exit that leads outside and each bedroom should have at least one window that can be opened from the inside, also known as egress windows.

Looking into 2018, a secondary suite may be the perfect solution for your home if you are looking for added income by bringing in a renter, or perhaps putting in a suite for the student in your life, or retired parents. With the bright outlook of the new proposals in city council it’s looking like it will be easier to apply for legal suites more than ever. However, these suites still have to be to code.

At Handyco we can work with you to design your dream secondary suite while ensuring that it complies to all codes and regulations. Not only will you have a legal suite, but you’ll have the peace of mind that anyone dwelling in your home is safe and out of harms way. Contact us today to discuss your building plans in 2018!

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