Handyman Services Calgary

Handyco offers experienced and professional handyman services in Calgary. Our company consists of highly skilled tradesmen that are dedicated to their jobs and are available at your request.

Handyman Electrical Services

We are able to improvise on the spot to address any situation that occurs. Handyco Handyman are equipped with the latest equipment and training providing them to get the job done quickly. It doesn’t matter if you need a new electrical panel, or you need to add in a few plugs.  Handyco has a certified technician working with us that can help you will all your electrical needs.

All you need to do is to call us and discuss your issues, and in no time, you will have some of our experts working right away.

Handyman Plumbing Services

Our servicemen will help you with common plumbing problems. They can easily detect issues with your plumbing system and quickly get on solving the issues. Handyco is prepared to do foundation repair  or landscaping. If you have a leak in your foundation, the help can be found here, at Handyco.

Handyman Construction Services

For any type of repairs, construction or maintenance, we provide certified tradesman to get the job done! We at Handyco can handle any size construction project you are planning.

We at Handyco have a full and complete construction crew capable of completing and deck or fence project. Our expertise shows through in the quality of our work. Handyco was the largest installer in Canada for many commercial box stores.