5 Reasons to Have a Handyman on Call

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A handyman is someone you probably never think about until you need them, but that doesn’t mean that you should wait until disaster strikes to start searching.

Every homeowner, building manager, and landlords can benefit greatly from having a go-to licensed handyman in their contacts list. A certified handyman can do more than just fix your dishwasher, repair your kitchen sink, or replace your tiles: They can assure quality work that is done in a safe and timely manner.

Here are five ways having a go-to handyman on call can benefit you.

Ease of Access

Chances are you don’t wait until your tooth hurts to find a dentist, so why wouldn’t you do the same for your home? You don’t want to be looking for a handyman after disaster strikes. You want someone you can get to know first, and know you can rely on to do the job correctly before something is wrong.

If you already have someone on call you don’t have to waste valuable time frantically shopping around when disaster strikes, and hope that they can fit you in before the end of the week. Instead, you can get someone you trust in as soon as possible to assess, fix, and keep an eye on your problem.

Ongoing Help

Using a one-off handyman is like playing a game of telephone where only a few words get passed on each time. If you have a major problem or renovation you want someone who will check in after the work is completed to make sure everything is working as it should, and fix any minor problems that crop up after the fact.

When you use a one-off handyman you are unlikely to get the same level of service or any support after your renovation is done or your problem is fixed.

Having a go-to handyman also helps work progress more smoothly, since your contractor won’t have to spend time trying to figure out what his or her predecessor did and why. This not only saves time and energy but also makes the work safer since your handyman is less likely to come across any nasty surprises.

Cost Reduction

You may think that having a handyman on call would be more expensive than hiring them for one-off projects, but in fact, it is the opposite.

When a handyman company knows they are your go-to choice (either from renovations or maintenance) they know they can expect fairly regular work from you and are more likely to offer you a discount on their services in exchange.

Some licensed handyman companies even offer property maintenance packages that include special rates, a team of licensed professionals, and 24/7/365 availability. A go-to handyman is also better positioned to help you save money on materials since he or she will have an assortment of connections and contacts that they can use to get better deals.

When you have a handyman on call you are also able to address problems faster, which will keep minor problems from ballooning into bigger problems while you frantically look for a handyman or wait for an appointment.

Ease of Communication and Coordination

If you already have someone who knows the history of your property (including any quirks, what work has and hasn’t been done, and any other important information) it is much easier for them to quickly address your specific maintenance needs.

If you went to a new doctor every year for your annual checkup you would have to waste valuable time going over your family medical history, any medications you are on, and any medical concerns you have.

The same thing happens when you go to a new handyman for each new problem because they don’t know the particulars of your situation yet. You have to waste time explaining the situation and they have to waste time reviewing any previous work and learning the ins and outs of your property

Handyman companies also prioritize the clients they know will give them repeat business, so they are more likely to do their best to fit you in as soon as possible so they don’t risk losing you as a customer.


We have all been there: We see a small problem (a crack, a drip, a wiggly railing) and promise ourselves we will address it right away. Then life gets in the way and a few weeks later we notice that the problem is worse. Owning a home or any other type of property involves a near constant list of maintenance tasks that are both tedious and time-consuming.

However, if we don’t address minor problems right away they can quickly become more serious, and more costly. By having a handyman on call (and not having to hunt for a new contractor every time you notice a small problem) you are less likely to defer getting work done.

You can also work with your go-to handyman to schedule regular maintenance, ensuring that even the smallest problems get addressed before they worsen. Having a regular handyman conduct periodic maintenance also means that your handyman has the chance to spot potential problems you might not have noticed yet and rectify them as soon as possible.


There are many benefits to having a licensed and trusted handyman on call. You not only save time, money, and energy you can also expect faster service and assistance with any follow-up problems. You are also less likely to defer important maintenance, which means small problems are addressed before they become large, expensive headaches.

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