Avoid Unscrupulous Individuals, Hire Qualified Electrical Technicians

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Quacks are everywhere, including in the energy sector. In fact, electrical power is one of the industries with rampant cases of fake individuals who masquerade as qualified electrical technicians. Home-owners beware, not everyone who carries a toolbox and wears full electrical work gear is a qualified technician. Some people are just out to take advantage of your gullibility and fleece you.

The increasing rate of quackery in the electrical power sector has seen the government step up its efforts to curb the rising menace. Recently, a man was busted in Ontario for undertaking electrical work without the proper license. The offender is facing 30 days in jail and 2 years of probation.

This individual was also found guilty of the following offenses; failing to carry out inspections, leaving dangerous electrical conditions at four homes, using a fake certificate and being a repeat offender.

According to the Electrical Safety Authority (ESA), this is the first time in Ontario someone has been brought to book for such electrical offenses.

There are many more out there doing the same thing. The problem is that the punishment which is there for such unscrupulous individuals is too lenient. For example, first-time offenders in most cases are simply ordered to pay a fine. These people make more money than the fines they are demanded to pay. So they get caught, pay the fine, move on and repeat the same thing.

This story has sparked so much media interest lately. The media has raised many questions, creating endless debates throughout the region.

Some people think the problem is the system, citing a high cost of obtaining permits. Well, let me tell you the truth, permits are not that expensive.

Honestly, who cannot raise $30? It only costs about that much to get an electrical permit for a small job. For example, a big job on a house that required just over $6,000 in electrical work only cost $130 for the electrical permit. For $6,000 in electrical work, $130 to check and ensure the work done on your property conforms to current safety codes is a very fair deal. A permit is you best protection against unsafe electrical conditions and quacks.

Was the sentence too harsh? Absolutely not, since it did send the message loud and clear. We are not taking this lightly anymore. A time has come when these unscrupulous individuals must be stopped immediately.

Electrical wiring is no joke neither is it a hobby. You screw things up, that’s a disaster waiting to happen.

Although it is quite tempting to hire someone on the side, pay them less and avoid other costs such as a permit, but you will regret cutting corners in the long run. Getting the lights to turn on is the best a fake technician can do. Just because the lights turn on does not mean they are safe.

Maybe you think your insurance provider will save you in the event of an inferno, even if it is caused by careless electrical wiring. But the truth is that insurance companies are getting fed up. What your insurer will do is simply bring as many experts as necessary to investigate and figure out why they should give you so much money to fix your home. And if the company discovers that you cut corners to save cost on your electrical project, believe it or not, you will not see even a cent. That’s the bitter reality.

That is why it is important to always seek out a licensed professional.  After all, is it not better to pay just a little more and be guaranteed of quality work and safety rather than pay less and be screwed over? Why would you choose unsafe work that puts you and your family at risk?

It is a good thing that people have smartened up and are no longer letting these unscrupulous individuals get away with their dirty little tricks.

Consider Handyco for all of your electrical projects. With us, you can be sure of safety, quality work and long term results. We have the proper insurance, certifications, and pull proper permits for each and every job.

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