Handyman Hiring Considerations

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Due to the bad economy, Calgary handyman contractors are cutting corners by not pulling proper permits for their work. While this may keep costs down, it is very much illegal. As a homeowner in need of a Calgary handyman, always ensure that you are hiring someone with the proper credentials including;


In Calgary, the WCB (Workers’ Compensation Board) takes liability for all work-related injuries of employees.  Employers pay a premium for insurance to this board, which in turn pays the compensation for the work-related injuries of employees. It’s always a good idea to hire a handyman Calgary contractor who has Workers’ compensation coverage so that you are exempted from liability in the event that a crew member gets injured while working on your home. The individual will receive compensation from WCB regardless of whom or what caused the injury. A dodgy independent contractor who doesn’t have this coverage can easily twist things so as to divert the responsibility from themselves to you as the owner of the project.

General Liability Insurance

Besides the workers’ compensation coverage, your handyman needs to hold general liability insurance. The WCB only provides coverage to the professional’s crew not the general public no wander it’s referred to as “Workers’ Compensation coverage”. What if an outsider gets hurt on your property due to your own or handyman’s carelessness/negligence? What if the Calgary handyman and his crew cause damage to someone else’s property while working on your property? Without general liability insurance, both of you can be held legally responsible for any damage. Insist on seeing your candidate’s copy of liability insurance policy before making a hiring decision.

**If a handyman gets hurt on a customer’s property and the handyman does not have appropriate liability insurance they in fact can sue the homeowner. Some home insurance companies will not cover the legality costs of such an incident.

Business License

A business license is a legal proof showing that an individual is legally authorized to operate their business within a particular jurisdiction. A licensed handyman Calgary professional means that the individual has met the most minimal requirements for their line of work as set forth by the jurisdiction. A business license ascertains that the professional has demonstrated proof of expertise in their area of specialization. It also verifies that they have all the necessary credentials, including general liability insurance as well as workers’ compensation insurance. There are so many benefits to hiring a handyman Calgary professional who holds a business license.


An incorporated business that specializes in handyman repair services is formally recognized and is always quite easy to distinguish from the crowd. Such a company will have words like or next to its name for instance XYZ Inc. With an incorporated Calgary handyman service, you can be rest assured that you are dealing with legitimate professionals who will offer reliable handyman repair services that are backed by a warranty. Also, choosing an incorporated service as opposed to a sole proprietorship is a perfect way to avoid finding yourself under scrutiny from the Taxman should the company get in trouble with him.


GST stands for goods and services tax. This is a type of consumption tax that is added to the buying price of certain products and services, such as food and clothes, property maintenance and repair. The money from the tax is normally collected by the business selling the taxed product or service, and the revenue is often forwarded to the local government. Revenue from GST is used to develop the local community in many different ways.

The law requires that a contractor who is carrying on business in Canada, must register for GST and obtain a business number if its revenues are greater than $30,000 in a single calendar quarter or in four consecutive calendar quarters. Engaging a contractor who is an eligible GST contributor yet not a registrant can land both of you in trouble with the law. Ask your candidate to provide proof of GST registration before making a decision to hire.


Finding the right Calgary handyman repair service need not be hard. When you concentrate on these 5 important considerations, the chances are high that you will find the right person that is going to deliver beyond your expectations.

Go for a professional who holds a WCB, general liability insurance, valid business license, certificate of incorporation, and proof of GST registration. Also, you should make sure that this person has many years of experience. Do not compromise on anything if you want the best results from your handyman Calgary professional. Also, don’t be fooled by price; cheaper means cutting shortcuts, which is not always the best option. Cutting corners can cost you more in the long run.

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