Projects Cost Estimation Charges

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Projects Cost Estimation Charges

If you are considering undertaking a property maintenance project on your home or business premises, there is one thing you need to know before you hire a property maintenance or handyman/contractor. You need to understand that property maintenance projects are not cheap undertakings. They require a lot of money and hours of work. For this reason, it’s imperative that you have an accurate estimate for the entire project before committing to it and engaging a contractor.

Why It Is Essential To Get a Precise Cost Estimation before Rolling Out Your Project

There are many things that can impede the success of your Calgary property maintenance project. And one of them is commencing the project without knowing how much money this is actually going to cost.

Imagine this scenario; you walk into a downtown pizza store to look for a custom made pizza. So you generally inquire about the price of a pizza. Without bothering to ask which type of pizza it is that you want, the store representative tells you the cheapest price for instance $6.So you order a custom made pizza to be prepared for you. Upon completion, the seller informs you that the cost of a custom made pizza is actually $10.They did not point this out prior to your order so now you are in a fix.

You have a couple of options; you can either pay the $10 or refuse to pay the amount on the basis that the seller did not provide adequate details about their pizza prizes. Either way, you have been extremely disappointed. The experience is a negative one and it’s more than likely that you will never revisit the store.

That is the exact scenario that will occur when you roll out your property maintenance project without first planning for the entire cost. Failure to have your potential contractor work out the overall cost estimates will result in a budget overrun. This will jeopardize the quality of the project, and/or cause the entire project to fail.

Why We Charge for Our Project Cost Estimation Service

This is what our prospects that are hesitant about paying for project cost estimation should know;

1. We Charge for Our Project Cost Estimates to Weed out False Prospects

A property maintenance contractor in Calgary is not out there to do charitable work. Just like any other business, these professionals are there to provide their services in exchange for a financial reward. Sometimes we get too many requests for estimates that are not converting into sales. Perhaps it is because a good number of prospects out there are not really serious about having the work performed. We resolve this issue by charging for our estimates.

2. We Do Not Offer Free Quotes So as To Discourage those Who Are Only After Freebies

Some prospective clients usually take advantage of offers for free estimates to know the standard cost of property maintenance contractor services. Charging for our estimates ensures no one takes advantage of our quotes to set their offering price.

3. Putting Together Project Cost Estimates Is a Significant Amount of Work

Writing an estimate means putting together the scope of the project for the client. This normally takes a lot of time and effort which we could otherwise dedicate to other equally important business tasks. So it’s only fair that we get paid for this arduous and time-consuming task.


When we write an estimate, we put together the scope of project for the client. If that client likes the scope of the project and not the price then they are free to shop around. However, we still charge for the estimate we have put together. For larger property maintenance or construction work, putting together the cost as well as scope of a project often takes a lot of time and effort thus it’s justifiable for us to bill for our time and effort. Willing to pay for a quote helps you have a better run project. Some benefits of paying for a quote include but not limited to these; a more accurate quote, less overheads, fewer unforeseen costs, and so on. As you can see, there is really no need to be hesitant about paying for project cost estimation.

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