Renovations and Contracting Tips

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Property maintenance managers control the repair, installation, and maintenance of employer’s’ property. In other words, they oversee property improvement or renovation projects on behalf of property owners.

Your property manager will take so many things into account when it comes to your home renovation project. The first thing they will consider is the contractor who is going to do the job. While there are many contractors in Calgary, not all of them are able to complete Calgary renovations effectively just like an unqualified Calgary handyman. Your property manager understands the fact that it pays off to hire a well qualified contractor for your home renovation needs. From professionalism and experience to material and time economization, the advantages of choosing a home renovation contractor with all the qualifications for being one can be quite tremendous.

Hiring a Contractor

Picking the right contractor is an essential step for your manager when they are planning to make renovations to your property. The person who is in charge of your property will do their homework, while being cautious and only choose a professional whom they have a high level of trust in.

Any contractor who requests down payments or progress payment for work should be a licensed pre-paid contractor. Your manager will make sure to check if a contractor is indeed licensed with the government for pre-payments.

This is what property maintenance managers often do to avoid making wrong contractor hire decisions and ensure their employers are able to make sound investments with their property renovations.

  1. They Check for Contractors’ Licenses

The law requires that contractors hold a valid City of Calgary business license, and the body that issues this license has the power to suspend or revoke it during a license review hearing.

If a contractor holds a business license, it means they have met the city’s licensing requirements and are allowed to operate their business within Calgary. Without a valid business license, a contractor cannot obtain the necessary construction as well as trade permits. So, they will not be able to handle your home renovation project effectively.

  1. They Ask for a Written Agreement

To avoid possible problems during or after project completion, both parties (the contractor and the project owner) should commit to a written agreement.

Once your manager has narrowed their list of potential applicants down to one, they will ask the candidate to provide an all-inclusive written contract with both project details as well as business details entailing;

  • Price.
  • The arrangements for payment.
  • Estimated commencement as well as completion dates.
  • Work schedule.
  • The contractor’s business license number.
  • Responsibility for building permits and inspections.
  • Proof of business liability insurance.
  • Proof of worker’s compensation insurance or private disability insurance.
  • Full renovation plans.
  • Product as well as material specifications, including warranty information.
  1. They Ask for References

One of the ways to make sure that you are selecting a good contractor is to see proof of satisfied customers.

Property managers always check contractor’s references before making a hiring decision. They usually ask contractors to provide a list of previous clients plus their contact information and call these people to find out what they have to say about these particular professionals.

  1. They Check for Contractors’ Insurance

The law stipulates that all contractors should hold a liability insurance to provide coverage against injury or property damage. Your property maintenance manager will ask to see the contractor’s certificate of insurance before hiring them.


Home renovation can be a complex and time-consuming process. And your contractor knows pretty well that choosing the right professional for the job is the key to a successful home renovation project. That’s why they will strive to select the right contractor by applying the above steps.

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